We know that, when it comes to getting to know a new city, it is best to do it on foot: discovering not only its great shopping streets but also its small alleys, visiting its parks and strolling among its monuments. So when we go on vacation to a new destination, the step counters on our sports watches and quantifying bracelets often record a lot of steps.

Besides walking, which is phenomenal, a good idea to know different populations can be running. We give you the keys so that these holidays combine sports and tourism and keep you in shape while you get to know new cities.

Running destinations: nine cities around the world to explore at the stroke of a shoe

Three tips for getting to know a city through runner tourism


  • Plan ahead with Google Maps: locate where your accommodation is and from there plan different routes that will take you to the most touristic places in the city. Planning a different short five-kilometer route for each day (or every other day) that you can do in half an hour is an excellent way to start the day before diving in for breakfast.
  • Locate the tourist spots and plan a long route to see them: If, for example, you come to Madrid, you can take a circular route with departure and arrival at the Temple of Debod that will take you through some of the most emblematic places of the capital. The route that we leave you here below is about seven kilometers long and will allow you to visit the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, the Neptuno and Cibeles fountains and the mythical Gran Vía and the Plaza de España.

  • Hire routes with agencies: Like the classic tours for tourists that we can find in a lot of cities, there are agencies that are dedicated to runner tourism and that can organize different routes both individually and for groups that help us to know the city better. Madrid Running Tours in the capital, Alma Running Tour in Seville, Running Tours Barcelona in Barcelona or the international Go! Running Tours in a lot of cities in the world are some of the options available to us.

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