Countless times we have talked about running is not just running. Strength work, coordination work, mobility work, running technique, and even mental training should be part of a runner’s routine to get the best out of their workouts.

The core, the inner and outermost muscles of the middle zone of our body, is also very important for runners. It will help us maintain a good posture in the race, something that results in we are more efficient runners and avoid possible pain or injury that can appear due to a bad position while running.

Here is a selection of our favorite exercises to work our core or middle zone. Include them in your training routines to get good results.

Nine different types of running workouts

Woodchopper or lumberjack with a rubber band

The exercise of woodchopper or lumberjack It is a movement that we can perform with different accessories: we can do it with pulleys if we are in the gym, with a medicine ball or, as in the case that we care about today, with an elastic band, and thus we can do it anywhere.

We will step on the rubber with our feet and grasp the other end with both hands. We make a diagonal movement from the bottom up, turning our trunk while keeping the core muscles activated. Remember to do it with both sides of the body, since it is a unilateral exercise.

Dead bug or Pilates dead insect

This movement is very simple and one of our favorites to work the core muscles safely. We have talked about it on other occasions, when we have explained how it is done step by step. In addition to working the core muscles, we will also train our coordination.

Lie on your back, with the knees bent at 90 degrees and in the air, and arms directed towards the ceiling. At the same time direct your right arm towards the ground, bringing it close to your ear, while you stretch your left leg bringing it closer to the ground as well. Return to the starting position and repeat with your left arm and your right leg. Make sure that throughout the movement your central zone remains immobile.

Climbers or mountain climbers

Another of our favorite movements when it comes to working the core muscles, with which we also include a cardiovascular component. Get into a front plank position, leaning on your hands, which should be below your shoulders, and on the balls of your feet. Your body should form a straight line from head to toe, and you can perform a slight pelvic retroversion to activate the muscles of the abdomen well.

Once placed in the starting position, we only have move the knees alternately towards our chest, as if we were running. We will have to make sure that our hips do not rise too high towards the ceiling while we are moving, nor does it fall towards the ground.

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