Many sporting events have had to be suspended due to the pandemic, but many of them have adapted and changed the way they are carried out.

In particular, marathons have been updated to become virtual marathons, so that people interested in running them can now continue doing it from their homes. Of course it is not the same, but it starts with something.

In any case, in this article we are going to propose seven tips that will help you run them properly.

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Try earlier with shorter distances

The fact that you are running at home is no excuse for not doing a lot of pre-filming.

A marathon is physically demanding and it is no small feat, so it is convenient that before jumping into the ring you have completed other tests such as a 10K or a half marathon.


Monitor hydration and nutrition

Small water losses lead to very large drops in performance, so you cannot allow yourself to be thirsty at any time, but do not drink too much or you may have problems such as flatus.

As for food, try to make it high in carbohydrates but do not eat too much or the same will happen to you as in the previous case.

Value supplementing yourself

Supplementation can be very helpful in such a long event. Not only can carbohydrate and electrolyte gels and drinks help you, but you can also make use of caffeine, since an amount of between three and six milligrams per kilo of body weight can help you a lot.

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Heats properly

Although it sounds obvious we have to tell you; warming up is a must, and much more before such a demanding event.

Before starting, do some series of joint mobility in the ankles, knees and hips, walk at a gentle pace for a few minutes to gradually warm up, and even lightly work your core with exercises such as the gluteal bridge or the front plates.

Run marathons

Learn to deal with pain

Keep in mind that you will be running for many kilometers, so;

  • If your feet hurt while running, you may need to change your running technique or footprint.
  • If your upper back hurts, you may need to look forward.
  • If your stomach hurts, you may need to change your diet or hydration.

A lot can happen during an event like this, so you must be prepared for any unforeseen And you have to have a good ability to deal with any possible pain or discomfort that comes along.

Don’t try to innovate

The day of the competition is the worst time to do experiments of any kind; nutrition, hydration, supplementation, running technique, sportswear, footwear …

Prepare yourself well and do all the tests that you think you have to do, but don’t do them on the day of the marathon because it can go wrong and of course it can cost you the event.

Run marathon

Dress correctly

Something that can greatly affect your performance during a marathon is the clothes you wear, because it will accompany you throughout the event.

Avoid cotton clothing (because it will be difficult for them to perspire), new shoes (because they will not have adapted well to your footprint yet), and clothing that is too wide or too narrow (it will annoy or rub you).

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