Jump the rope
it is part of the classic training routine of boxers, who thus train their breath and get used to always keeping their feet in motion. The same is true for other sportsmen who need to exercise responsiveness and speed of movement in short spaces.

“However, few are aware of how much this simple physical activity can make you lose weight”, adds Roberto Romano, fitness trainer who created the short but effective program you find below. «To give an example, jumping rope causes you to burn over 500 calories per hour to a 35-year-old woman weighing 58 kg. And it is an aerobic work that also stimulates the metabolism to burn more fat ».

You also gain in elegance

Training with the rope also allows you to develop coordination between arms and legs. An excellent training to learn to move with ease and elegance.

«An additional beneficial effect of the rope? It increases the ability to concentrate, which is necessary to quickly coordinate movements », underlines Roberto Romano.

How to start on the right foot

Here are some tips on how to jump correctly. First of all rule the rope length: Grasp the ends and pass it under your feet, then shorten it until the elbow forms a 90 ° angle.

This is the ideal fit, but if you’ve never tried it, it’s better keep it 10 cm longer, therefore with the garments more or less at chest height. Now position yourself with feet together, arms along the body and tool at the shoulders: with a large movement of the arms (only for the first turn), pass the rope over the head and when you see that it is about to touch the ground first jump with feet together , then try alternating them, that is, placing only one foot.

«After having refined the arm rotation technique, you just need to jump a few centimeters to avoid getting entangled», the trainer intervenes. Only warning: if you have problems with your ankles, knees and hips, avoid jumping for a long time.

Your workout

It only takes you a few minutes a day work out to get results in a short time. «Our program is based on a series of jumps of the rope lasting 3 minutes (alternating the technique), interspersed with recoveries and squats ”, explains Roberto Il tuo workout Romano.

Knee bends have been inserted between sets to optimize leg work. The muscles are in fact stimulated in a different way, for a more complete result ».

3 minutes of jump rope with feet together.
20 seconds of recovery.
3 minutes of skipping rope on alternating feet.
10 squats.
3 minutes of skipping rope with high knees.
20 seconds of recovery.
3 minutes of skipping rope with feet together.
10 squat.
3 minutes of skipping rope on alternating feet.

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Article published on n. 35 of fitness-inc.com on newsstands from 17/8/2017