With the arrival of good weather, many runners start looking for more challenging challenges and that is why the routes are beginning to move towards more natural and less urban places.

For this reason, we are going to show you five routes in Spain that you cannot miss and that you will love if you are passionate about trail running, so that you can enjoy them this summer.

The Montseny mountain range

The Montseny is one of the most popular routes in Catalonia, and it is that it does not have very pronounced slopes or very steep relief, but nevertheless it has a very rich and varied flora.

All this makes Montseny a very pleasant and comfortable route to practice, train, and enjoy outdoor outings for hikers and trail runners.

It has three main peaks of more than 1500 meters, and the route that leaves from Sant Bernat passes through all three, adding up to a total of almost 24 kilometers.


The route of the Greens

This route has some peaks full of vegetation (hence its name) so that we can enjoy the true spirit of trail running that allows us to abstract ourselves in nature.

We will leave from the town Torre de Babia in the direction of the Las Verdes lagoon, with a slight positive slope of about 750 meters and a total distance of 15 kilometers.

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The top of Penyagolosa

The top of Penyagolosa is one of the most attractive mountain areas of Castellón in the entire Valencian Community, already rising to 1814 meters in height and offering spectacular views of the mountains and the surrounding area.

The most common route if you want to go all the way is to start from Xodos, passing through the Camí dels Pelegrins, adding a total of 20 kilometers.


The Cares route

The Cares route, or the “Divine Throat” runs between Caín and Poncebos, in Asturias, and of course It is one of the most complete routes that can be carried out throughout Europe.

The total route has approximately 25 kilometers of distance arranged in a circular way (although it can be extended 10 kilometers if you start in Posada de Valdeón), and its route is very well marked, so it will be very difficult for you to get lost.

This is one of the most symbolic mountains of Asturias but also of Spain, and it is a place where nature of all kinds abounds.

Cares Route

Routes through Guipúzcoa

The Basque Country has a very green inland area, full of vegetation and with a very diverse fauna, but the truth is that its coastal area is also incredible, and therefore it is not surprising that it is one of the most common destinations of many tourists.

There we can carry out many mountain routes that border the sea, with a generally pleasant climate and temperatures outside the winter months.

There are many options to explore the area but the best thing is that they are all perfect for those looking for tranquility, nature and a very rich gastronomy.

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