The ideal training to fight cellulite is the circuit one. Our expert has developed three circuit workouts, to be performed every other day during the week


To train circuit is perfect to counter the cellulite.

We asked our expert Riccardo Gaspari, personal trainer and athletic trainer in Padua, to study a program that includes upper body exercises in sequence to the most targeted work for legs and buttocks.

Why circuit training is useful

«It is necessary to involve muscle groups as far apart as possible, so as to be able effectively stimulate circulation and avoid the accumulation of lactic acid and other waste substances, harmful to cellulite, in the “at risk” areas. Indeed, in this way those same waste will be used at the metabolic level », explains the personal trainer.

To the toning work you must then combine aerobic sessions to be carried out at medium-low intensity (60-65% of the maximum heart rate calculable with the formula: 220 – age). So you will improve strength and body composition for the benefit of lean mass and you will stimulate your cardiovascular capacity.

A super effective miniprogram

Our expert has developed three circuit training sessions for, from perform every other day during the week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

In those of rest, he suggests dedicating half an hour to walking at a good pace; or alternatively, if you are equipped at home, training on the bike recline or theelliptical, again for 20-30 minutes. At the end of each session, don’t forget to keep your legs in unloading position for 10-15 minutes to ensure excellent circulation: lying on the ground, lean your extended legs against the wall. Repeat each circuit 3 times e increases of one lap per week up to 6.


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