Under Armor never ceases to amaze us, when it comes to running shoes. Last year they launched two shoes on the market within the HOVR line: the Machina and the Phantom 2. Both including their innovative technology consisting of a microchip with bluetooth connection in the midsole that not only allows us to have a live personal trainer and know all information about our footprint.

Now they arrive with the first shoe in their new Flow line: the UA Flow Velociti Wind. These shoes come to innovate in everything we think we know about running shoes, seeking to give us the feeling that the wind is always at our back in our running sessions. The perfect shoes to overcome all your goals and achieve the best times.

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UA Flow Velociti Wind: technical characteristics of the new connected shoes

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The biggest novelty that these shoes include, and that jump to the eye as soon as you see them, is the sole. Or, rather, the lack of it. And it is that, in search of the greatest possible lightness and less weight, from Under Armor they have dispensed with the rubber sole characteristic of traditional running shoes.

The rubber is, without a doubt, the heaviest part of the shoes. By removing it, they have managed to create a very light shoe, with only 214 grams of weight (in man number 9). But what about durability and traction?

Under Armor Flow Velociti

This is where the new technology comes in: UA Flow midsole. From Under Armor they have spent three years trying to perfect a technology that allows running as light in weight as possible, but avoiding wear and tear. It is a unique foam compound, with support, responsiveness and grip, which eliminates the rubber sole.

Thanks to it, we have much lighter shoes, but with great durability, good reactivity, as well as energy return. The rubber-free outsole, which grips better to the surface, together with the tread provides excellent traction with grip on both wet and dry terrain.

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Another feature of the Velociti Wind is the upper with UA Warp technology, another of Under Armor’s innovations. This technology is designed to adapt to our feet and offer the best grip in all directions. This is achieved thanks to the support bands in various directions that, according to UA indicates, would function as seat belts, tightening when necessary and loosening when not. In this way, the upper moves at the same rate as our feet.

This shoe looks for let’s achieve our best performance at all times, without limitations and with a great feeling of fluidity, as if we had the tail wind in each stride.

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As in the HOVR line, the Flow line includes a chip with bluetooth connection in the midsole that allow us to connect them to our mobile phones. In order to use it we will need to download the MapMyRun app (free for iOS and android) on our mobile phone and connect it via bluetooth to our shoes.

Once this is done, we will have not only detailed data on the kilometers we have run and number of steps, but also our footprint, cadence, stride length, rhythms or phases of the footprint. In addition, it has a personal trainer who can give us advice on how to improve our performance to achieve our goals.

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Besides that, the app also has different training plans for different distances and times. This makes it an excellent choice for beginning runners.

UA Flow Velociti Wind will be for sale globally from March 3 and will have a price of 160 euros. We will find them available on the Under Armor website, as well as from premium running specialty dealers and select sporting goods dealers.

We are already testing them, and we will offer you a detailed analysis when we have taken a few kilometers out of them.

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