Isometric exercises and then with a book, with a towel or with plastic bottles. Here is the workout to try at home to firm up

L’home fitness comes to the rescue to tone up and firm up with workouts to try at home, if the gyms are closed.

Training alone can be boring, but it also has benefits. “The good thing is there easier to listen to your body and to harmonize the breath with the movement, obtaining benefits also on a mental level », explains Silvia Pengo, graduate in motor science and creator of the Fit & Face method (

To develop motivation and consistency, establish a schedule to follow every day. «The most suitable toning movements for legs and buttocks are those of the exercise bike and step, while light weights work for the arms and décolleté. But some effective workouts can also be done with simple objects, which you surely already have at home»Assures Pengo.

Our workout includes isometric exercises for buttocks and legs and then exercises with a book and a towel for adductors and muscles of the legs and thighs, then a exercise with plastic bottles not to have “curtain” arms. there he is

1. Isometric exercises

You can do them standing, sitting or just waking up in bed.
For the buttocks: Squeeze them very tightly for 4-5 seconds, then release them (5-10 times every two hours).
For the thighs: contract your muscles (by extending your legs if you are sitting or by pushing your knees down if you are lying on your back) for 4-5 seconds, then relax (5-10 times, every two hours).

2. Exercises with a book

For adductors (inner thigh) and the other muscles of legs and thighs: put a book with many pages between your knees and squeeze firmly as you bend your legs, as if to sit down. Go down slowly (in 5 seconds), go up slowly by extending your knees and going on your toes, 4-5 times.

3. Exercise with the towel

For adductors: fold up a towel and place it under the sacrum, supine with legs flexed to the chest (it will help you to keep the legs raised squarely, straight or semi-bent). Keeping the left leg still with the left hand on the inside of the knee, open and close the other leg slowly 10 times.
Repeat with the other limb. Then slowly spread and bring your legs together 10 times.

4. Exercise with plastic bottles

Filled with water, you can use them in place of dumbbells in many exercises, such as spreading your arms out (for the deltoid) or flexing them (for the bicep).
More specific for the part of the arm with the “curtain” skin: in quadrupedal, left hand resting on the ground, bottle in the right hand near the right shoulder, the elbow upwards. Extend your arm back, keeping it close to your body 10 times, then repeat with the other.

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