3 beach exercises to strengthen the abdominals and fight cellulite

Here are three effective exercises to strengthen the abdominals, to be done on the beach. Thus, by exploiting the principle of saline osmosis, you also fight cellulite and relieve swelling and skin problems

Here we show you three effective exercises for strengthen your abs, to do on the beach. Meanwhile, by breathing in the brackish air, you guarantee yourself a natural aeresol that frees the respiratory tract. In addition, with these seaside exercises you exploit the principle ofsaline osmosis, a powerful natural remedy that takes advantage of the beneficial properties of salt with water, eliminating liquids from the tissues through the venous and lymphatic circulation. So you fight cellulite and relieve swelling and skin problems.

He offers us this workout for the abdomen, to be done by the sea, Margherita Pirola by Wellbeing Woman, personal trainer & female fitness consultant. It consists of three exercises: swing plank, alternate closing crunch and … water abdominals, so you will find yourself working against the resistance of the water.

Here they are:

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