Well, let him throw the first stone, who never tried to start some kind of diet to lose weight with health. A study by the international pharmaceutical laboratory “Omega Pharm”Showed that 10% of the women interviewed spend their entire adult life on some type of diet.

The study also showed that the reason for this is due to ineffective methods that ultimately don’t really work, causing the woman to give up on the diet, but after a while try another diet. But why do diets generally not work as they should?

Weight Loss with Health

According to expert Vanessa Albacete, functional nutritionist at CECAM, the diets themselves are already doomed to failure, since many people believe that to lose weight, it is enough to change the menu to one with fewer calories. What works, of course, is to change everyday life and nutrition. “Changing the relationship with food and their habits is something that will definitely change the health and weight of those who want to lose weight”, explains Albacete.

The specialist believes that, even with all the turmoil of everyday life, today you can already follow a good diet to lose weight with health. “During a diet, people often skip important meals or eventually eat ready-made foods, full of sodium, fats and sugars.

Today, there are more affordable suppliers of frozen foods that have much healthier meals for lose weight with health, like snacks and snacks and green juices ”. The expert gives advice on how to change bad habits and lose weight with health and without those more restrictive and radical diets, check it out!

Have Dedication and Discipline

Leaving the house without thinking about all the meals of your day is the main mistake for those who want to eat better and manage to lose weight. Inevitably, the person will end up eating what is available, not what he really needs to eat. To lose weight, foods must be on the list of your top daily priorities!

Find a Good Nutritionist

Every organism is different from each other and works in its own way. Food that is good for one, maybe not for the other. Here is one of the main reasons why diets don’t work for certain people. The ideal is always to consult a good nutritionist to find out what is the best strategy for your case, to quickly find out where the error is, and to define a diet that focuses on the purpose and according to the body of each one.

Reduce Consumption of Carbohydrates and Industrialized Products

Carbohydrate is the biggest villain of all diets, and it is necessary to pay attention to sandwiches and industrial snacks. Not everything is as good as it looks. During the day, the best strategy is to avoid excess sugar, industrial drinks, bread, white rice, flour and juices for lose weight with health.

Consuming Sources of Vegetable Fats

Certain foods such as avocado, cocoa, coconut, seeds, nuts and unrefined oils contribute to the reduction of our hunger, and are rich in essential fats for our health and help with weight loss and restoration of hormonal and metabolic balance. These items can be included in the daily lives of people who want to lose weight healthily.

Drink lots of water, sleep well and exercise

Although it may seem cliché, water is important for people on a diet and the correct thing to do is to consume 2 to 3 liters a day to lose weight with health. Good sleep during the night helps in the better functioning of the metabolism. And physical exercise has several health benefits, in addition to reducing body fat. But it must be remembered that just physical activity, without following a proper diet, is not enough to lose weight.

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