Many like me will be pasta lovers and want to maintain a healthy diet. To do this, we not only recommend choosing the correct pasta that helps us avoid refined flours but also preparing them properly. Therefore, we tell you what ingredients you can use to accompany your pasta if you want to achieve healthy dishes.

The best foods to include in your pasta dishes

The pasta They can be a suitable food for a healthy diet as long as we do not abuse them and prepare them properly, as a simple paste of refined wheat flour does not satisfy easily and can sharply raise blood glucose.

On the contrary, the same paste can have a different impact and be even beneficial if the we cook al dente and accompany it with sources of fiber, lean proteins and unsaturated fats.

Thus, although we always recommend choose whole grains, we can say that the best foods to include in recipes with pastas are the vegetables and various vegetables that delay digestion due to their richness in fiber, add vitamins and minerals without calories, increase the volume of the dish by reducing the energy concentration and also can reduce the glycemic index and promote satiety.

Also good ingredients to accompany pasta are chicken or turkey breast, egg, the various fish, the nuts, the seeds or even the vegetables that add proteins and in some cases fiber or unsaturated fats that are beneficial to the body.

13 pasta salads that you can enjoy in your diet

Pasta alone may not be advisable in a balanced diet except for wholemeal or legume pasta, but always better pasta dishes will be those that include other quality ingredients as the aforementioned.

Thus, we recommend a Greek-inspired whole wheat pasta and turkey salad; some whole grain macaroni with a spicy sauce of dried tomatoes and chia; a salad of pasta, broccoli and tuna; some wholegrain spaghetti with asparagus or other preparations with pasta in good company.

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