If you have had a drink on Christmas Eve and at Christmas lunch, you will surely be experiencing hangover discomfort. Hydration and a good diet can be of great help to reverse it, therefore, we leave a selection with the best recipes against hangovers that you can taste on these dates.

Hangover diet: lots of water, vitamins and antioxidants

The best thing we can do in the presence of a hangover is to suspend what has caused it, especially the consumption of alcohol. But to reverse the symptoms, a light diet, rich in water, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can be of great help.

Hangover drinks: what to drink the day after

The hydration is key and for this, in addition to water we need electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and others. But also, the micronutrients and antioxidants that they can offer us various fruits and vegetables They can be of great help in relieving discomfort and reversing a hangover.

As if that were not enough, some particular foods such as khaki wave Korean pear Nashi can influence alcohol metabolism by reducing hangover symptoms.

With that in mind, we recommend the following hangover recipes: homemade soup with vegetables; persimmon cream; grapefruit, ginger and turmeric lassi; chicken and vegetable soup with rice noodles; rice with pumpkin and mushrooms; carrot and ginger cream; mango, yogurt and orange juice smoothie; orange and pineapple smoothie heaped with vitamin C; pumpkin cream with dill; Vegetables soup; roasted apples, cream of green asparagus; cod and vegetables papillote; turkey soup with barley and carrots; rice soup or various infusions like this chai tea packed with antioxidants.

Your weekly diet with Vitónica: healthy menu against hangovers

These are some recipes recommended to eat after Christmas feasts and thus, fight hangover in a healthy way.

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