Although breakfast is not essential, those of us who are used to making it must take care of its quality, especially if we want to get rid of extra kilos. Therefore, we show you 11 satisfying and healthy foods that you can include in your breakfast, if you want to lose weight.

Fresh fruits, low in calories and high in nutrients

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Fruits are foods of excellent nutritional quality with low caloriesFor this reason, used fresh and in the form of a whole piece can be perfect for a healthy breakfast.

We recommend avoid fruit juices They are a source of free sugars and on the contrary, they can satiate us if they are consumed as such or in dishes such as pancakes, cookies, skewers, salads or with oatmeal in a souffle.

Oats, to add quality carbohydrates and fiber to the first meal


Oatmeal is a cereal that consumed in flakes or flour allows you to make different preparations for breakfast by providing vegetable proteins and lots of fiber that easily satiates.

With oatmeal We can prepare from the classic porridge or Bircher muesli to a cake without sugar, some muffins, bars or cookies.

Quinoa, source of vegetable proteins and fiber

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Quinoa is a pseudocereal that is perfect as a replacement for oats if we want to obtain plant proteins, fiber, iron and a variety of other micronutrients healthy for the body.

It is an option very satiating since it provides fiber and protein in appreciable quantities without offering a large calorie intake due to the fact that it absorbs a high percentage of water during cooking.

With quinoa we can make a porridge; a breakfast with fruits and dark chocolate or a bread using quinoa flour.

Vegetables in all their variants


Vegetables like fruits can add micronutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and others of good quality for the organism. Likewise, they provide water and volume without many calories, allowing the caloric density of the preparations to be reduced.

Therefore, vegetables They are ingredients that cannot be lacking in the usual diet if we want to lose weight and can also include them at breakfast.

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For the first meal of the day we can make a smoothie bowl with vegetables, pancakes, sugar-free cakes, low-carb breads or the classic salads.

Nuts to add healthy fats and fiber in high proportions

Dried fruit

Nuts in general provide unsaturated fats beneficial to the body and fiber as well as vegetable proteins that demand great digestive work and promote satiety. Likewise, they can offer crunchy texture to dishes and require more chewing to increase their satiating power.

With nuts We can make from spreads and cookies to bars, granola or muffins without sugar.

Seeds to give breakfast dishes a crunchy texture


The seeds, like the nuts, offer quality fats, vegetable proteins and a lot of fiber, but they are also an excellent source of calcium on vegan diets.

On the other hand, some seeds can be used as thickeners such as chia or flax seeds with which we can make a pudding for breakfast.

Other options to include seeds They are some crackers with oatmeal, some fresh glasses or a smoothie bowl with a crunchy texture.

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Soft and fresh cheeses, to add protein with little fat

Fresh cheese

Cheeses, especially soft and fresh cheeses, add up to a good proportion of protein without too much fat At breakfast, cheeses are also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D for the body.

Because protein is the most satiating nutrient, cheeses contribute to the satiating power breakfast being able to add them to a mousse, a smoothie bowl, a shake or preparations such as a cake rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Greek or plain yogurt with no added sugar


Yogurts are a good option to include in breakfast but it is essential choose alternatives with no flavor or added sugar. Thus, Greek or natural yoghurts without sugar are recommended options.

Yogurts in addition to offering proteins that provide a lot of satiety They provide calcium, vitamin D, potassium and a high water content.

With yogurts We can prepare a bircher muesli, a smoothie bowl, a cake without sugar, cookies or a fitness cake without added sugar.

Milk or vegetable drinks to add water to breakfast

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Milk or vegetable drinks in its replacement, as long as they are without added sugar, are a perfect option to add water to breakfast.

Since a high water content increases the satiating power of the preparations the milk or non-flavored vegetable drinks or added sugar They are an excellent alternative if we want to lose weight with what we eat in the first meal of the day.

With milk or vegetable drinks we can hydrate cereals and prepare for example a porridge, a couscous with milk and fruits, a smoothie, a smoothie bowl or various infusions.

Egg, to prepare dishes easily

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The eggs They are a highly versatile ingredient to use for breakfast, and in minutes it allows us to prepare satisfying dishes such as an omelette, scrambled eggs, pancakes or savory preparations such as a vegetable mug cake or baked eggs on avocado.

With eggs we can add quality proteins to dishes, as well as quality micronutrients such as iron, B vitamins, potassium, vitamin D and others.

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Whole wheat flour and other whole grains source of quality hydrates

Whole grains

The whole grains or whole grains are an ideal ingredient for add good carbohydrates to breakfast, as well as fiber that helps satiate us and promotes weight loss.

With whole wheat flour and other whole grains that replace refined flours we can prepare breads, cookies, muffins or other healthy dishes.

These are 11 satisfying and healthy foods that we can add to breakfast to promote weight loss.

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