When we eat an omnivorous diet, covering the quota of quality proteins is easy, since most of the foods of animal origin have protein in abundance and with all the essential amino acids. But the biological value of proteins of plant origin is not the same and that is why, in vegan diets, this nutrient must be taken care of. To help you, we leave a selection of 15 healthy vegan dishes rich in protein.

The best vegan recipes with complete proteins

To cover the protein quota and obtain all the amino acids that the body needs to repair or create new structures, we can not only access vegetable protein sources such as soybeans, peanuts, tahini, dried spirulina algae, black beans, lentils and others but also, it is important to learn how to combine them.

Your weekly diet with Vitónica: healthy vegan menu to prevent nutritional deficiencies

That is, if the cereals lack certain amino acids that legumes have, we can combine these two ingredients to “complement proteins” and get a high-quality protein or a complete protein.

So, we can combine legumes and cereals obtaining dishes rich in protein and 100% vegan such as a brown rice and lentil stir fry with vegetables; a quinoa salad with beluga lentils and crunchy vegetables; some lentil and rice burgers; a quinoa soup with beans and carrots; Some lentils with spiced basmati rice or a black bean and potato salad.

We can also include legumes or grains with nuts and seeds in the same dish to obtain a quality protein. We must take into account legumes always have more proteins and that within these, the soy it has a good quality in terms of its amino acids.

Taking the latter into account we also recommend dishes like a lentil hummus; a seitan with pepper sauce; some crunchy seed and oat crackers that also provide a lot of fiber; some lentils with textured soy bolognese; an Asian-style salad of tofu, rice and broccoli for a light and filling meal; a zucchini stir fry with textured soy; some vegan chickpea and soy tacos; a vegan chili; or some stuffed peppers baked with textured soybeans.

These are 15 vegan recipes rich in quality protein, ideal to take care of the intake of this nutrient without going to foods of animal origin.

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