Salads are for the whole year, and great allies to recover good eating routines at home, especially in times when you feel less like cooking. Winter is the month of the best citrus fruits and we can take advantage of these healthy fruits in light but very nutritious dishes like this orange, celery and smoked fish salad, of which multiple variations can be made.

Chicken sautéed with orange with pepper.  Healthy recipe

The smoked trout It is somewhat softer than salmon, it is also usually cheaper and has less fat, being equally tasty and rich in protein, but we can always use the other blue fish without problems, or use cod. The celery adds a crisp and fresh touch, although, if you can, we recommend substituting it for fresh fennel, plus aniseed and an ideal pair for the orange.

Cook the eggs in boiling water on medium power, about 10-11 minutes to leave the yolk firm, and cool before carefully peeling. Thoroughly wash the oranges, celery, lemon and herbs to be used.

Peel the oranges, live if you prefer to avoid the thin skin that covers the inside of the fruit, or simply also removing the white part. Cut into thin slices and spread over a platter or two plates.

Cut the base of the celery if it is milky and damaged. Remove stem filaments with the tip of a sharp, lace-like knife; if they are younger and smaller specimens this step may not be necessary. Cut into thin slices and spread over the orange.

Orange Trout Salad Steps

Chop or cut the smoked trout into small portions and add to the salad. Crumble the peeled eggs or chop them, and add them too. Chop the herbs well, making sure they are dry, and dress the salad to taste with them, also adding fine lemon zest.

Finally, sprinkle with plenty of freshly ground pepper and, if desired, a little good extra virgin olive oil. Serve immediately or by letting it rest a little. It can be taken cold or at room temperature.

With what to accompany the orange salad

Depending on the size of the ration and our specific needs, this orange, celery and smoked trout salad It can be a complete single dish for lunch or dinner, it even feels great to start the day. We can also take it as a first course before some fish or simple meat, although at this time we recommend completing the menu with a legume stew or some comforting cream. If it suits our dietary guidelines, we can accompany the dish with a slice of good whole wheat bread, preferably sourdough.

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