Admittedly, in its English name it sounds better. The energy balls They are a very popular snack or snack on the networks for their ease of preparation and the versatility they offer when customizing them. These balls with oat flakes, peanut butter, dates and coconut, can also solve a hasty breakfast or be a great snack to recharge before training, or recover afterwards.

We recommend using so-called soft or fine oat flakes, with a more pleasant texture to chew raw and easier to integrate into the dough. For this type of elaboration we use a homemade date cream, which here we detail how to make, preferably using medjool dates as they are much more juicy, aromatic and tasty. You can also buy commercial date syrup or simply soak a few specimens (if they are dry) and mash them before the recipe.

If we do not have date syrup or cream, take a few specimens, remove the bone, chop them and leave them to soak until they are soft. If they are medjool they will hardly need rehydration. Drain and mash, adding a little water, and adding more as they are crushed until obtaining a homogeneous cream. Set aside the amount indicated for the recipe.

Arrange all the ingredients in a container, chopping the cranberries or the ingredient you want to use (raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, almonds …). Combine well until you have a homogeneous wet mass. If it is very dry, add small teaspoons of milk, water or other liquid.

Energyballs Steps

Take small portions with a spoon of about 15 ml and scoop with your hands. Must leave about 20 units, about; they can also be made bigger or smaller. Store in an airtight container and refrigerated blanket, or freeze separately.

With what to accompany the energy balls

These energy balls They are great as fast food to incorporate into our training routines before or after activity, as they are rich in complex carbohydrates and also vegetable proteins, but we can also take them as part of our day to day if we need to eat something in the middle of the day , or we don’t have time to stop for breakfast in the morning. Obviously they are very caloric, so it will be necessary to administer them carefully according to our needs. Being very satiating and sweetish, they can help us to calm anxiety and control hunger between meals.

In an airtight container and refrigerated they will last a little more than a week (maybe less in summer), but also can be frozen up to about three months.

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