The famous – and dangerous – pineapple diet does not work and can be harmful to health, but do not detract from this healthy fruit. Fresh, sweet, digestive and with that characteristic tropical flavor, it is a highly recommended dessert for any time of year, but that we can also add to our barbecue menus turning pineapple in first course or garnish.

Cooked on the grill or on a grill inside the house, the pineapple acquires a very appetizing different texture, enhancing its natural flavors and caramelizing its own sugars and juices. If we also apply a small seasoning full of spices, we will have a very tasty snack perfect to accompany meats, fish or vegetable proteins.

Cut the pineapple into slices about a finger thick or slightly less. If the central core is very hard or fibrous, it can be trimmed with a sharp knife, or simply cut the pineapple into rectangular pieces. Remove all the crust of each slice.

Squeeze the juice from the lime, making the most of the juice in a bowl. Add a little salt, ginger, soy sauce and vinegar, and beat. Paint the fruit with a brush generously on both sides. Reserve what is left over.

Pina al Grill.  Steps

Heat a grill (or griddle) to medium-high heat, grease with oil and cook the pineapple on both sides until it is caramelized and golden, painting it more with what is left of the sauce. If it is grilled, cook it somewhat away from the hottest area.

Cover with chopped washed cilantro or parsley to taste, a little pepper and optional salt, and the seeds and chopped almonds to give a crisp point. Add fine zest from the other lime before serving.

With what to accompany the spiced pineapple on the grill

With its combination of sweet, spicy and spicy textures and flavors, grilled pineapple It can be served hot or warm, both as a starter and as a garnish to complete a meat or fish barbecue, or vegetarian. It is also an excellent complement to tofu skewers, legume salads or to dare with a spicy dessert, combining it with yogurt or low-fat whipped fresh cheese.

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