In summer there are many dishes that are chosen preferentially to relieve the heat. However, it is always possible to modify even minimally each one of them so that gazpacho, Russian salad or others are lighter and more satisfying.

So, we tell you how you can drink and prepare refreshing summer dishes to subtract calories from them and effectively quench hunger and appetite.



Gazpacho is above all a light, hydrating and refreshing option for the summer. We can modify it in its ingredients and make it more satiating if, for example, we add natural yogurt to give it a creamy texture but we remove the bread.

We can also add protein with whipped fresh cheese and subtract the bread that is a source of refined flours above all.

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Another alternative is accompany it with chopped egg and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that will provide vitamins, minerals, and a lot of fiber that is effective to calm the appetite.


Salmorejo Jpg

Salmorejo, with much more bread than gazpacho, without a doubt we recommend making it without bread inside, which we can achieve in a simple way as we have shown before.

It is also advisable accompany it with fresh fruits and vegetables and protein that provide satiety along with the fiber of the former. Thus, we can add chopped egg, fish cooked in pieces, turkey or chicken breast or seeds and nuts, a source of vegetable proteins and fiber.

Russian salad

Russian salad

The Russian salad, based on potato and egg, has the great difficulty of carrying a huge amount of mayonnaise inside which is a source of salt and may also have sugar added like other sauces.

Thus, we recommend its preparation without mayonnaise, being able to use in its replacement an emulsion of milk and extra virgin olive oil or homemade aioli.

We can also opt for an avocado and yogurt sauce to replace the commercial mayonnaise and a good alternative would be to add fiber leaving the potatoes al dente and very cold after cooking so that we have resistant starch. O well, add fresh vegetables several like some fresh lettuce leaves and tomato in small pieces.



The classic potato omelette is often used to consume by the pool. However, the traditional production process includes frying, thus resulting in a fat and calorie heavy option.

So that we have less energy in this plate, we recommend not frying the potatoes. That is, we can make the baked potatoes and then emulsify with egg and cook the omelette in a pan with little oil. Or we can microwave potatoes.

If we still want more satiety and fewer calories we can choose to use egg white instead of whole egg and also, we can combine potato with other vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, peppers and others that will add volume without too many calories.

Breaded fillets

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Other very frequent options in the summer when we are away from home are breaded steaks, which are cooked by dipping it in oil, that is, includes frying.

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Therefore, the first thing we recommend is its preparation in the oven and to subtract refined flours typical of breading with flour and breadcrumbs we advise use egg and oatmeal, oat bran, wheat germ or a mixture of these that will give a crispy texture and that will help add fiber, making the dish more satiating.

Cold pasta salad


Pasta salad is another summer classic that usually includes mayonnaise and also some cold cuts such as turkey breast.

To make it lighter and more satiating we recommend the pasta cooking al dente and cooled, but we can also add fresh vegetables and seeds that will require chewing.

We can also replace the cold meat of turkey breast which can have added sugar and a lot of salt per boiled and chunky turkey breast or chicken breast.

The commercial mayonnaise we recommend avoiding it and in its replacement, season with extra virgin olive oil emulsified with milk.



The sandwiches They are a very frequent option during the summer, however, they can carry a huge amount of bread with refined flours, commercial sauces and various cold cuts or sausages that deteriorate the quality of the dish.

Therefore, we recommend in principle choose a whole grain or whole grain bread which is rich in fiber and vegetable proteins. Inside it is essential avoid processed meats and substitute lean fresh meats such as turkey breast and cooked chicken, natural tuna, various grilled fish or similar.

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We can also make a sandwich without meat, with fresh cheese, ricotta, natural yogurt or soft cheeses inside or quality protein source eggs.

Another option to fill in is use various vegetables, fresh if possible or even fresh fruits and of course it is very important avoid commercial sauces being able in its replacement to opt for homemade alternatives.

Ice creams

Ice cream

They are a widely consumed option, but commercial options (even vegan ones) have a large amount of added sugar inside and can also be a source of poor quality fats.

Therefore, we recommend the fruit-based ice cream only, or, all those options no added sugar in which the sweet flavor comes from the fruit itself and that we can easily make at home.

These are the refreshing summer dishes that we can enjoy with fewer calories and better nutrients making only small changes to each of them.

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