Headache, cystitis, hiatal rashes, insomnia and even back pain: these are many problems deriving from a wrong diet. Avoiding certain foods or following diets that eliminate fat today and carbohydrates tomorrow is useless. At least according to the naturopath and osteopath Frank Laporte-Adamski that for thirty years has been studying a logical method to make digestion work well and eliminate all the annoyances that arise from a clogged intestine.

It’s all about speed

In his latest book, La Diet Adamski (Vallardi), the French doctor, who lives and works in Italy, explains his method and puts it within everyone’s reach.

In short: there are foods that pass quickly from our intestines, usually those acids such as fruit, honey, green tea, yogurt, tomatoes, pumpkin, peppers and chillies: in 30 minutes maximum they are beautiful and digested.

Others instead, those not acidic, have a slow fall and it takes at least 4 or 5 hours before ending up in the last section of the intestine. Most foods are: raw or cooked vegetables, cereals, animal and vegetable proteins, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios and peanuts.

When we mix fast falling foods and slow falling foods, the transit stops. “It has plenty of time to ferment, poison you, and stick to the walls of the tube like a layer of plaster,” says the doctor. From here the abdominal swelling and cascading all the other problems that are also indirectly associated with the indigestion: respiratory problems, cystitis, insomnia and so on.

The warning light

And the poop and to explain it Adamski he doesn’t mince words or taboos: “If it has the soft, firm texture of a ripe banana, the shape and smooth surface of a sausage, and the color of a well-cooked hamburger, you have every right to exclaim” What a beautiful poop! ” “.

In all other cases we have proof that our intestines are not functioning well and it goes clean first, just like you would a hose. The doctor recommends extra virgin olive oil to drink raw, meals spaced at least 4 or 5 hours and then, of course, avoid combinations of slow and fast falling foods. As unfortunately we are often used to doing: pasta with tomato sauce, pizza margherita, tomato and mozzarella, but also melon and ham are the classic examples of difficult to digest mixes.

The benefits of a clean intestine

Following this regimen is not just about cleaning the intestines. “Guarantees maximum absorption of all healthy nutrients made by food e reduces the deposit of toxins to zero and waste produced by an intestine “worn out” by bad eating habits »assures Adamski.

In fact, if the tube is encrusted, even the good nutrients do not pass into the body, precisely because the absorption through the walls of the stomach and intestine is hindered by waste.

And the opposite is also true. “In a blocked digestive tract, you feed mistakenly believed to cause swelling like cauliflower, they rot and fill your belly with stinking air. In a free and clean digestive tract, the poor, innocent cauliflower will slip smoothly from the mouth to the small intestine and, in the path that turns it into poop, will contribute to your health with its fantastic supply of vitamins, fibers and minerals ” .

And not only the digestive tract facilitates the passage into the blood of the nutrients contained in food. «There are concentrated 80% of the immune defenses of our organism: that’s why a clean digestive tract and perfectly functional is the condition essential to prevent any kind of disease “.

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