Have one healthy life it seems difficult these days. The running routine, combined with the bad habits of Brazilians in relation to welfare physical, ends up generating a very dangerous scenario.

According to data from the Vigitel survey, currently in Brazil, one in five Brazilians suffers from obesity. This disease is extremely worrying because, in addition to reducing the quality of life, increases the risk of developing other disorders.

Diabetes, heart problems, stroke, depression, hypertension. These are just some of the diseases that can arise from overweight. To avoid the appearance of this type of picture, it is essential to have a healthy life.

To help you with this task, we have separated five easy and practical days. Check out!!!

1 – Take good care of your food

We know that this may seem impossible with the daily rush. However, a balanced diet is indispensable for a healthy healthy life. That’s because, everything you eat interferes with the functioning of your body.

Because of this, when setting up your daily menu, pay attention to the following precautions:

  • Avoid processed and industrialized products;
  • Opt for organic and fresh food;
  • Look for variety, not quantity;
  • Beware of excess salt;
  • Instead of fried foods, choose grilled foods;
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.

2 – Practice physical exercises

Physical activities have a fundamental role. It’s through them that you’ll be able to burn calories and

excess fats from your body, as well as improving physical performance.

It is not necessary to spend hours in a gym to have a healthy life. Just 30 minutes of exercise every day is enough to stimulate your metabolism to work more efficiently.

3 – Write down everything you eat

Our body needs, on average, 2,000 calories per day to function fully. To keep track of how much you are eating, it is essential to write down everything you eat.

From a simple mid-morning snack to main meals, everything should be noted. This healthy habit will help you to know exactly the amount of calories ingested, as well as what type of food you are maintaining.

4 – Drink lots of water

Water is an indispensable item for our body. In addition to keeping you hydrated, it also helps

transport of oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues of the body.

Another function of it is its detoxifying action. That’s because, it is through the intake of this liquid that you will be able to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from your body.

5 – Avoid stress

Stress is extremely harmful. In addition to affecting your mind, it also has consequences for your

body. That’s because, it harms the way your body absorbs nutrients and manages fat.

Because of this, try to avoid stressful situations. Take a deep breath and stay calm. Ideally, you should have an exhaust valve. Practice yoga, do meditation, create a hobby. This will help you to get rid of daily stress.

With these simple tips you will be able to have a healthy life. More than improving your fitness, it will help you improve performance at work, and increase your welfare.