One of the ways to lose weight is to stimulate the body’s metabolism, which facilitates weight loss and measures. Among alternatives to achieve this result are physical exercises and even supplementation with thermogenic drugs that raise body temperature by increasing the metabolic process and caloric expenditure.

According to nutritionist Cyntia Maureen, in addition to physical exercise and supplementation, some foods also collaborate to speed up metabolism and consequently the burning of fat. “Metabolism provides the energy the body needs to perform certain functions, such as breathing, blood circulation and cell regeneration. The calorie of the food we consume is combined with oxygen to release the fuel that the system needs for its functioning, ”he explains.

Therefore, for a more effective and healthy result, it is important to combine a regulated diet with physical activity, always with the accompaniment of professionals. Cynthia recalls that metabolism is influenced by several factors. “Genetics, age, sex, weight and height directly induce the changes that take place inside our bodies. Therefore, there may be variation in weight loss from one person to another ”.

Below, the nutritionist hints at five foods that help speed up metabolism. Check them out below and don’t forget to include them in your daily diet:


In addition to hydrating the body and having essential electrolytes for the body, daily consumption helps the blood to better transport the oxygen to the muscles. It helps in the breakdown of fat, essential for burning extra layers, which helps with weight control and also consumed in good quantities between meals, contributes to appetite control. When missing, the body slows down and consequently burns fewer calories.


Rich in fibers, the ideal is to consume this food for breakfast, as it masks hunger due to the feeling of satiety it provides. Oats facilitate the prolonged absorption of nutrients and increase the body’s digestion time, which reduces the desire to consume sweets and controls blood glucose because of the high amount of fiber it has.


They are sources of fiber, antioxidants and rich in calcium, proteins, iron, potassium and vitamins A, B and C. The ideal is to consume them abundantly before meals, as they have low calories, thus conferring greater satiety and improved absorption. of its nutrients.

Whole grains

Replacing white flour foods with whole grains increases the number of nutrients ingested for the body. Whole grains are sources of fiber, folic acid, vitamin E, among others, help with weight loss and improve bowel movement.

Vitamin C

Foods like orange and lemon decrease fluid retention. Broccoli, cabbage and peppers, which also have a large amount of this vitamin, help in the fat burning process.

The information is Cyntia Maureen, consultant nutritionist for the Superbom brand, a food company that works with a line of healthy products.

By Antonio Montano