Polyphenols are non-nutritive compounds that are widely distributed in foods of plant origin and have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other beneficial properties for the body. Therefore, we leave 21 recipes rich in polyphenols to make your diet healthier.

Foods and dishes that provide polyphenols

Among the best known polyphenols are the flavonoids that abound in fruits and vegetables in general, especially in cabbages as well as in cocoa and chocolate with a high degree of purity.

All about polyphenols: properties, benefits and their use in the kitchen

The lignans and the lignin that we can obtain from legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as quercetin own of the onion, catechins found in tea and resveratrol that we can obtain from several of the aforementioned foods.

So, with a varied diet rich in healthy foods, we will already be adding polyphenols to the usual diet.

With extra virgin olive oil and fruits as well as vegetables In general, we recommend preparing a cauliflower and vegetable biryani with valuable nutrients; a roasted cabbage with a pistachio, lemon and parmesan vinaigrette; a beet salad with avocado and nectarine; an aubergine, pepper and pumpkin omelette or a strawberry salad with sprouts and nuts.

The berries they are excellent sources of polyphenols and we can include them in an oatmeal souffle; in a healthy dessert or smoothie bowl.

To obtain lignins and lignans we can go to legumes, whole grains, seeds, and nuts in dishes like a stir fry; salads; biscuits; perfect bars as a healthy snack; crackers or healthy breads.

Other recipes with polyphenols Take, for example, this keto chocolate avocado cupcake; these chocolate, banana and oatmeal fitness pancakes that we can serve with red berries; this sugar-free raspberry oatmeal fitness cake; this light quinoa and vegetable salad; this bean salad with roasted vegetables; these stuffed onions; or this açaí bowl

These are 21 recipes rich in polyphenols that you can incorporate into your diet to benefit health with its consumption.

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