The recipe couldn’t be simpler. We can prepare it with a mixer in a blender cup, mini-blender style arm, or with a food processor or grinder. Better to do it at the time of consumption, although you can also make the base and add the toppings when serving.

Cut the stem of the strawberries and wash well, drying them gently. Cut up. Peel the banana and cut into slices. It can be frozen cut half an hour before so that the texture is thicker and colder, although it is not necessary. Place these fruits and the fresh cheese in the blender, add the teaspoon of peanut or almond butter, the rolled oats, the vanilla and the juice and zest of the washed lime.

Blend everything very well, in several batches and stirring if necessary, until a good homogeneous texture is obtained. Adjust the amount of cheese or oatmeal to taste, if we want it to be thicker. Take to a bowl and decorate with an extra washed and laminated strawberry, berries or some other fresh or frozen fruit. Add the seeds of your choice (in my case, black sesame and hemp), fine rolled oats and almonds or walnuts.



I like to have this strawberry, banana and oatmeal smoothie bowl with fresh cheese in the breakfast or mid-morning, but it is also great to recharge your batteries at snack time. It can even be enjoyed as a dessert or to start any lunch, I have no problem eating fruit at any time of the day. Feels great after a sports session on these days when the heat is already tightening.