Salads are undoubtedly very chosen alternatives in summer to solve not only first courses and side dishes but also main dishes or complete meals. Therefore, we leave a selection of Whole and healthy salads for those on a gluten-free diet.

Fresh, complete and healthy salads without gluten inside

We are talking about a complete salad when the nutritional terms provide all the macronutrients that the body needs, that is, it offers carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

While proteins and fats we can easily obtain without going to foods that have gluten It is not so easy with carbohydrate sources.

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Instead of using derivatives of wheat as well as barley or rye, we recommend the use of other products for our salads. gluten-free whole grains or pseudo-cereals how they can be brown rice, quinoa, millet or a variety of vegetables.

On the other hand, we can also go to starchy vegetables such as potatoes or sweet potatoes and obtain from them a high proportion of carbohydrates that together with sources of quality proteins and fats complete the salad nutritionally.

With gluten-free cereals and pseudo-cereals we propose a salad of brown rice, melon and sesame; black bean salad with millet rich in complete proteins or of high biological value; brown rice salad with green beans; black bean, quinoa and vegetable salad ideal for vegans on a gluten-free diet; quinoa salad with apricots; roasted chickpea salad with millet; chicken, quinoa and bud salad; Buckwheat and broad bean salad or quinoa, beef and avocado salad.

TO legume base we can prepare lentil salad with pumpkin and goat cheese; chicken salad with chickpeas and cherries with high satiating power; green bean and sardine salad very easy to make; beluja lentil salad with quinoa and crunchy vegetables; chickpea salad with tomato and tuna belly; white bean salad with anchovies or coriander lentil salad with prawns.

With starchy vegetables and other gluten-free ingredients we recommend black bean and potato salad ideal for vegans; warm salmon and potato salad with fresh herbs; light Russian salad; sweet potato salad with quinoa and feta or potato, tomato and tuna salad.

These are 21 complete and healthy salad recipes without gluten that we can all enjoy at home and include people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity at our table with total safety.

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