If we think of a cake, a sponge cake or other sweet dishes, we cannot stop thinking about the refined flours inside that we always recommend reducing. Therefore, if you want to eat healthier while still tasting sweet dishes from time to time, then we leave 19 sweet and very healthy recipes, without flour inside.

Less flour to eat healthier but equally tasty

Flours are nothing more than synonymous with industrial processing, and although a refined flour is not the same as a much healthier integral one, we can always go to healthy alternatives and equally useful for our dishes.

13 healthy and sugar-free recipes for chocolate lovers

Without using flours or free or added sugars, we can use nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products and natural sweeteners or sweeteners to achieve healthy and sweet dishes.

Some recipes we suggest for the dessert They are: keto chocolate avocado cupcakes; sugar-free cheesecakes; vegan chocolate pudding; strawberry mousse and fresh cheese; panellets or sweet potato and almond sweets; glasses of quark cheese, fig compote without added sugar and almonds; chocolate, avocado and banana cream with dates; two ingredient chocolates; chocolate cream and yogurt with orange and lemon; vegan keto chocolate mousse; vegan chocolate truffles; or glasses of yogurt and cheese in raspberry sauce.

Other healthy and flour-free preparations, to take advantage of breakfasts, snacks or after dinner along with an infusion are: almond pancakes with cottage cheese; pumpkin fitness brownie; banana and coconut cookies with sunflower seeds; two ingredient banana pancakes; banana fitness brownie; Almond and cocoa cupcakes or mini keto muffins with blueberries.

Three of the most sought after recipes in 2020, in their fit and healthy version

If you frequently fancy a sweet but don’t want to neglect your diet and health, these are 19 recipes you can try, without flour inside and with valuable nutrients for the body.

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