Hyperuricemia or having the high uric acid in the blood It can affect our health by increasing the chances of suffering from gout or arthritis. Therefore, before this condition we recommend the following 19 low purine recipes and with quality nutrients that can help control uric acid levels in the blood.

Few purines, dairy, vitamin C and a lot of water

Purines are part of DNA and a product of their metabolism is the uric acid that we have in the body. Thus, if we want to control the levels of this last compound in the blood, it is important to reduce the sources of purines, among which are meat extract, red meat in general, lentils, meat broth, sardines, chicken and liver.

This is how your diet should be if you have high uric acid

Conversely, purine-free foods They are fruits, dairy, cereals, vegetable oils, eggs, and most vegetables except spinach, asparagus, and broccoli.

It is also important to know that the consumption of water is favorable for the adequate elimination of uric acid in the urine, as well as the vitamin C and dairy have been associated with a lower incidence of hyperuricemia.

Therefore, we recommend dishes with high water content like a salmorejo without bread; a peach gazpacho; a creamy avocado and lime smoothie or a vegan smoothie bowl with red berries that offers in addition to water, a lot of vitamin C.

With dairy and fresh fruits, and without purines inside, we recommend dishes such as a strawberry and fresh cheese mousse; a couscous with milk and fruits ideal for breakfast; a sugar-free cheesecake; some oatmeal and yogurt cookies; a caprese pasta salad; a very filling Bircher muesli; an avocado and mango salad or a fresh yogurt and beet slice.

Other low-purine preparations and that can help control uric acid levels in the blood are: watermelon, mozzarella and anchovy salad ideal for summer; corvina al papillote; miso aubergine with brown rice for a light meal; apple and strawberry salad with sunflower seeds; aubergine, pepper and pumpkin omelette recommended for a light dinner; baked eggs on avocado with goat cheese; or hake burgers.

These are 19 low-purine recipes for those with high blood uric acid and they seek to control their levels with the help of a good diet.

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