The melon (Cucumis melo) is usually relegated to having it as a dessert after eating. In some cases we mix melon with ham and use it as a starter, but many more can be made recipes with this food taking advantage of its characteristics to give a different touch to our dishes.

Thanks to its large amount of water, it helps us hydrate ourselves in times of heat and it is desirable to keep that cold due to that amount of water. Easy, fresh and surprising dishes like different gazpachos or salads with melon are quick to prepare and will add that different touch to our meals.

Melon soup with Iberian shavings and peppermint oil


First We prepare the melon by first cutting it into wedges and removing the seeds. We do it in small pieces to put them in the blender. From there we strain it to eliminate any skin thread that may have remained.

We cut the ham into thin strips and dehydrate it in the oven at about 150 degrees. Long enough until it is dry or hard, but not long enough to burn us.

The peppermint and oil are mixed while we crush the mint. We need to mix the cream with the melon, to which we add a pinch of salt. We let everything cool in the fridge until it is cool enough.

Once cold, we take our crushed melon mixed with the cream and salt as a base, we add the ham shavings and the oil with mint. In this easy way we have an ideal recipe for hot weather, using melon in a different way.

Various options to add melon outside the dessert

Other soup options


Just as hot soups in winter are essential for this season, fresh soups in summer are one of the fast and delicious dishes that we can consume in summer. In addition to the melon soup with Iberian shavings and peppermint oil seen in the previous section, we can make other melon soups.

An example is the melon and mango soup with a quick, simple preparation and with very few ingredients. A very summery and totally different dish the typical soups that we know.

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Also with other fruits we can make a melon and fruit soup. With some slices of melon, watermelon, some peach and other fruits to taste, accompanied by other ingredients such as natural yogurt, mint and honey we will have a fresh, hydrating and nutrient-packed dish.

Salads with melon


If we talk about summer and fresh and appetizing dishes, we cannot leave aside the salad. A very nutritious and not heavy dish that will provide us with those vitamins and minerals that we need. A fresh salad to take the melon out of the dessert and put it as a first course is this melon salad.

There are many other options such as brown rice, melon and sesame salad, which are more satiating and that we can use to recover after training. Also salads with a good source of protein, in many cases forgotten are the cantaloupe, lime and feta cheese salad or the Italian melon salad.

Melon with meat or fish


In the previous salads we can add meat or fish to add even more protein to the dish thus being able to establish the salad as a single dish, as it is complete. Some examples are the lamb’s lettuce, melon and crispy chicken salad; Refreshing melon, arugula and tenderloin salad.

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We can also prepare some healthy starters with melon skewers with crunchy ham or melon skewers with salmon. They are two different ways to prepare skewers for our summer barbecues.

Other preparations with melon


One of the star dishes of the summer is gazpacho, due to its high nutritional value, because it does not make us feel bloated and it hydrates us a lot. What if we put the gazpacho and the melon together? It gives rise to a melon gazpacho. A super fast recipe that will surely surprise you.

We can also give you a creative touch to melon with typical ham to make melon makis with ham. Now that Asian cuisine is booming, we can try this recipe that is out of the ordinary.

Melon for dessert, the same but different


Having melon for dessert or any fruit is the healthiest option. We can give it a culinary touch by preparing a melon, mango and banana ice cream or some melon balls with mint yogurt.

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