Cabbages are one of the vegetables that find their best time of consumption in these months and can offer us, among other nutrients, vitamin C, fiber, vegetable calcium, water, B vitamins and potassium. To take advantage of its properties, we let 15 easy recipes with cabbages for this season.

The healthiest dishes with cabbages inside

Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, red cabbage are some of the specimens that we can take advantage of during these months and we advise consume as fresh when possible, or after a short cooking.

To add flavor, add water, fiber, protein and many other quality nutrients, we can incorporate cabbages to both hot and cold dishes.

Cabbages, foods rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C

Some easy recipes The ones we recommend to try at home are: cauliflower or red root rice with mushrooms; tofu and kale stir fry with sesame; rice with broccoli; fit cauliflower pancakes; broccoli skillet baked with anchovies and parmesan; roasted cabbage with pistachio vinaigrette; sautéed Brussels sprouts with boletus; oven-roasted cauliflower fillet; Spiced cabbage or cauliflower biryani and vegetables.

We can also prepare various salads, cold and warm like kale salad massaged with blueberries; broccoli and avocado salad with egg; pasta salad and purple cabbage; cauliflower couscous salad with marinated prawns and avocado; or cauliflower salad with tomato and corn.

These are 15 easy and healthy recipes with which we can take advantage of cabbages this season.

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