Vitamin C is a very important nutrient for our body, as it not only intervenes in the immune system, but also in metabolism, being key to synthesize proteins and maintain muscle mass. Likewise, it is a nutrient with an antioxidant function and therefore, we recommend taking care of its presence in the usual diet. To do this, we leave 13 quick and easy dishes rich in vitamin C that you can try at home.

Simple ideas to add vitamin C to your diet

Vitamin C is a nutrient found in fresh food, that is why if we want to cover its quota, it is key to eat fruits and vegetables every day, otherwise it will be very difficult to reach the daily recommendations.

To obtain vitamin C only fruits and vegetables can be of help

Although all fruits and vegetables can have this nutrient inside them, some specimens concentrate higher proportions such as citrus fruits, cabbages, green leaves and others such as acerolas, papaya or guava.

Thus, if you want to add vitamin C to your diet in a different way than eating a piece of orange for example, we recommend preparing some of the following quick and easy savory recipes as a salad of prawns, arugula and papaya; fake broccoli couscous with turmeric egg; crispy red cabbage salad with persimmon and pomegranate; watercress and orange salad; fresh spinach salad with blueberries, walnuts and cheese; massaged kale and blueberry salad; Crispy whole wheat couscous salad with red cabbage and granda or zucchini carpaccio with orange and watercress.

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We can also create sweet dishes rich in vitamin C like papaya boats with yogurt and cherries; cottage cheese with papaya and cranberry sauce; grapefruit, ginger and turmeric lassi; blackberry, kale and spinach smootie; or green kale, spinach, carrot and mandarin juice.

These are 13 quick and easy recipes to add vitamin C to your diet if you don’t feel like eating the fruits in bites, in their original format.

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