The paleo or paleolithic diet is a proposal based on the diet that our ancestors took and can benefit health, helping, among other things, to lose weight. Eliminating all kinds of processed and ultra-processed foods, this diet forces us to cook, that’s why we leave for this season 11 spoonfuls for the paleo diet, ideal if you want to lose weight.

Preparations to face the cold with the paleo diet

Unlike the keto diet, on the paleo or paleolithic diet Various fruits and vegetables are allowed, always fresh and unprocessed. Likewise, we can ingest nuts, seeds, meat, fish and various seafood.

41 easy, quick and healthy paleolithic or paleo diet recipes

Because they have an industrial processing before reaching the consumer, in the paleo diet legumes and cereals are not allowed of any kind, which are ingredients that are usually included in spoon dishes.

However, if we are looking for a comforting preparation for this season that allows us to respect the premises of the paleo diet, we can prepare soups and creams based on vegetables mainly like this julienne soup; carrot and tomato cream; homemade vegetable soup; Huerta soup (without ham tips); leek soup and potatoes or this cream of yellow pepper and zucchini.

It is also possible to elaborate other stronger dishes and equally healthy suitable for the paleo diet as a beef stew with vegetables (without wine); some potatoes stewed with a stoker; some artichokes stewed with scampi; a veal sausage stewed with bay leaf and paprika or an Ibizan fish stew.

The foods and preparations that will help you replace cereals if you want to lose weight with the paleo diet

These are 11 recipes for spoon dishes suitable for paleo or paleolithic diet ideal if you are trying to lose weight this season.

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