Among the different appetizers that we find, hummus is one of the healthiest that we can perfectly prepare at home in a few minutes. But if you are one of those who easily get bored consuming the same dish, in addition to the traditional hummus we suggest you try some of the following 11 healthy hummus recipes you can have as an aperitif.

The best variants of the classic hummus and how to prepare them at home

The traditional hummus is made made with chickpeas and sesame or sesame paste called tahini, and is seasoned with various spices and herbs. Thus, accompanied by fresh vegetables on sticks, it is a satisfying dish but with excellent nutrients to taste before the meal.

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It is a easy to make preparation using a mixer or kitchen motor and that admits many equally nutritious variants.

For example, we can use other legumes instead of chickpeas and make lupine hummus for a more Spanish version; black bean hummus great for Halloween; or lentil hummus that is very pleasant to the palate like the other alternatives.

In addition to varying the legumes that we use for the hummus, we propose to flavor and color it. using different plant ingredients. Thus, we can make a pesto hummus with an intense green color and great aroma; kalamata olives or avocado hummus with unsaturated fats in higher proportions; roasted cherry tomato hummus; very simple and tasty pumpkin hummus; Roasted zucchini hummus or beet hummus with lime and coconut which is the most exotic option but not for that less appetizing and nutritious.

A last option is piquillo pepper hummus that has an orange or reddish color at the end of the preparation.

These somn 11 different and healthy hummus recipes, ideal for a filling, colorful and easy aperitif to make at home.

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