Intermittent fasting

The nutritionist Elaine de Pádua explains that the addition of intermittent fasting is a practice that involves the total or partial restriction of food consumption, consequently of energy. According to

How to feel like exercising

If your lifestyle is sedentary or if you have spent a long period of inactivity, it is very likely that you will feel unmotivated to start training. Age, poor initial

Sugar or sweetener

Our life is full of choices and decision making. One of them is: should I use sugar (um, but and the calories) or sweetener (um, but and all that chemistry)?

How to do sit-ups with elastic band

Perfect abs in 3, 2, 1 … If you want to show off a flat and toned belly and torso, then the abdominal exercises are your best allies. There is

5 foods that speed up metabolism

One of the ways to lose weight is to stimulate the body’s metabolism, which facilitates weight loss and measures. Among alternatives to achieve this result are physical exercises and even

How to start doing push-ups

Do you want to start doing push-ups? It is one of the most complete exercises for our upper body. But not everyone finds it easy, and especially the beginners in

10 CrossFit exercises to lose belly

When we think about the practice of CrossFit, the image of people lifting weights or jumping on boxes automatically comes to mind. Although popularized, the practice still scares those who