How to do push-ups correctly – 6 steps

THE Arm flexion it is a great exercise for both men and women. Much practiced by those who wish to strengthen their muscles and conquer a healthier and more toned

How to do extension chair correctly

In a leg workout the extending chair it is one of the most common exercises and it is not for less, because in it you work one of the muscles

How to do barbell squats

The best exercise for the leg and gluteal muscles is the squat with squats, as this allows the simultaneous training of the front, rear, hip, stabilizer and gluteal muscles. If

Exercises to slim your thighs

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How to do leg press correctly

THE leg press can’t miss a leg training, since it is one of the most complete exercises for this type of training. But, unfortunately, this is also one of the

How to practice Tai Chi alone

THE chinese martial art which focuses on spiritual balance offers benefits not only for the health of the mind but also for the body, when working on flexibility and strength.

How to use the rest pause technique

What is intended with a muscle training it is hypertrophy, that is, an increase in the volume of muscles caused by the stimuli generated in physical exercise. And this is

How to lose weight with the vibrating platform

Image: velaskazandra.mercadoshops.com.ar One of the most popular supplements today to be in shape is the vibrating platform, a device for exercising the body with little effort. Vibrating platforms bring benefits

How to stretch after doing sit-ups

When you do a sit-ups, you work in a localized way the muscle groups of that zone. To avoid overload and the risk of injury, it is very important that