How to lose back fat

Image: nrgxpress.com THE back fat it can be caused by different factors such as overweight, hormonal changes, heredity and body changes after pregnancy. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are

Exercises to eliminate belly fat

Say goodbye to love handles! In OneHow we will give you some advice that will help eliminate belly fat so you can display a more beautiful and toned silhouette. In

How to stay with muscular arms

One of the parts of the body where we like most display muscles are the arms. Unlike other muscles like the abs that, except on the beach, are always covered

How to stretch after doing push-ups

Arms, wrists, shoulders and neck are the areas of the body that exercise the most when doing push-ups and, therefore, are the ones that we should pay the most attention

How to do dumbbell squats

The universe of squats it is practically infinite. We found a large number of variables in this exercise with which we work mainly the muscles of the legs, in addition

How to improve aerobic endurance

THE aerobic resistance it implies our body’s ability to resist activities that require physical effort without getting tired for a while. This capacity can vary depending on the experience of