If you want to sleep well, a good mattress is not enough, you also need the right pillow. We asked our experts to explain the characteristics of 6 different models


Sleeping with an unsuitable pillow can hinder good rest. “According to a 2009 study, the latex pillow would be the best,” says Dr. Gabriele Pucciarelli, physiotherapist and posturologist in Pisa to Luca. However, the choice is very wide. Here are the vices and virtues of some pillows.


Down pillow

The feather pillow offers a lot of comfort but little support for the neck, so it can be suitable for those who have no problems in the cervical area and are looking for a very soft pillow. “According to some studies, the goose down pillow is the least advisable,” warns Dr. Pucciarelli.

Buckwheat husk pillow

«The buckwheat husk pillow is bought and loved by those who appreciate the naturalness of the product. It must be tried, because it has a consistency that many do not find comfortable ”, underlines Mila Frigati, expert in articles for rest and head of the Mattress Center in Mirano (Venice).

Latex pillow

«The latex pillow uses a natural substance that comes from the bark of a tree native to the Amazon rainforest. Elastic and supported, it is certainly suitable for those who are a little sturdy, ”says Frigati.

Wool cushion

«The wool pillow is mainly sold to lovers of tradition. The problem is that the wool gets “packed” », Frigati warns. “Consequently, the alignment of the spine is not ideal, with the risk of finding yourself in the morning with a stiff neck,” continues Pucciarelli.

Cotton cushion

«The cotton pillow is very cool, so it can be good for those with sweating problems. It is usually part of the category of low pillows, so they are recommended for people who sleep on their stomach, ”says the expert.


Memory foam pillow

«The memory foam pillow is one of the best-selling and recommended pillows because it offers support, comfort to the neck and takes the“ memory ”of the head. It is available in various heights and shapes, from the classic “soap bar” to the so-called cervical ones ”, explains Frigati.

Polyester staple cushion

«The polyester staple pillow is among the cheapest, it is recommended for allergy sufferers because it can be washed in the washing machine, as opposed to latex and Memory. It doesn’t offer much support, ”says the expert.

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Article published in n. 4 of fitness-inc.com on newsstands and in the app from 16 March 2021