How to stretch after doing push-ups

Arms, wrists, shoulders and neck are the areas of the body that exercise the most when doing push-ups and, therefore, are the ones that we should pay the most attention to. stretches. If you still have doubts about their importance after doing sports, we recommend that you read this article in which we explain the reasons why we should do stretching. Then, at we’ll give you some tips on how to stretch after doing push-ups.

Steps to follow:


The first piece of advice is always stretch after doing the pushups. If you’re in a hurry, dedicate at least two minutes to the task. The body will thank you and be much better prepared for the next training session.

Let’s start with the upper ends. What we propose is to raise the arm, bent, helping with the opposite hand so that the elbow is close to your head, as shown in the image. Hold for about 5 seconds and do 10 repetitions for each arm.

How to stretch after doing push-ups - Step 1


To stretch your wrists, we propose this simple exercise. This involves placing the palm facing upwards and, with the other hand, pulling it downwards without changing the position of the arm. To be effective, hold this position for about 5 seconds and do 5 reps with each hand. If you practice push-ups frequently, then it will be interesting for you to consult our article on how to strengthen your wrists.

How to stretch after doing push-ups - Step 2


For stretch your shoulders after doing push-ups, stand up and place your hands together on the back. Now, bring your shoulders back as far as possible and stay for about 3 seconds like this, then do the opposite movement with your shoulders forward as much as possible. Do this exercise 10 times.

How to stretch after doing push-ups - Step 3


If you do not have a lot of technique, the neck will be overloaded when doing push-ups, so it is advisable to do some exercise oriented to stretch this part of the body. What we propose is a very simple activity. Stand or sit, but with a very straight back. Then, force the neck to the fullest to the right, left, forward and back. Repeat four times and you will get the neck muscles to relax.

How to stretch after doing push-ups - Step 4


Push-ups are exercises that demand a lot and can cause injuries if not done correctly. The fact of stretch after doing push-ups will help to reduce this possibility. If you have doubts about the correct way to do push-ups, ask a professional at a gym for assistance.


Stretching is very important not only at the end of push-ups, but also in the case of other sports and before. So be sure to check out our advice on how to stretch before running.

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