How to strengthen your ankles

If you practice sports or exercise regularly, you should know that the ankles they are one of the joints that suffers the most impacts and tends to get injured more easily. Therefore, even though we often do not pay the attention they deserve, it is important to strengthen all the muscles that surround them and do some exercises that help to protect and improve their mobility. With this, you will also be able to improve your physical endurance and performance during the activity. Take note of the advice in this OneHowTo article and find out how to strengthen ankles in a simple way.

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There is no doubt that the ankles they are one of the joints that suffers the most when performing physical exercise, and to prevent them from resenting and appearing lesions that limit us on a daily basis, it is important to take care and strengthen all the structures that are close to them.

For this reason, one of the main recommendations that we should not overlook is that of perform stretches before and after starting with the training routine, with this we will not only be able to improve the function of the muscles and get them to stretch faster, but also strengthen the ankle joint and leave you prepared for the impacts you may receive during the practice of physical activity.

How to Strengthen Your Ankles - Step 1


Next, we show you some simple stretching exercises that you can do before and after exercise to take care of your ankles and prevent future injuries in this area. Take note.

  • Exercise 1: move your foot up and then down as much as you can, alternating both movements.
  • Exercise 2: perform ankle rotations to the side so that the toes draw wide circles. Then, make the same movement to the opposite side.
  • Exercise 3: support your heels on the floor and move your feet to one side maintaining that position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and, when finished, do the same exercise for the opposite side.
  • Exercise 4: sit on the floor, with your back straight and your leg completely straight. Place a towel in the center of your foot, grab it by the edges and pull the towel towards you. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and repeat the exercise 2 times with each foot.
  • Exercise 5: stand on a slightly higher surface like a step. Raise your heels completely to the front of your feet and hold for 20 seconds. You can repeat this exercise 3 times.
How to Strengthen Your Ankles - Step 2


In addition to the previous stretches, you want to put in place a training routine that helps you to strengthen this joint and improve both ankle and foot mobility in general, pay attention to exercises to strengthen the ankles that we teach you:

  • Walking on tiptoes: walking on tiptoe with short steps raising your heels as much as you can. You can make different variants: first, walking on tiptoe forward; the second, putting the toes outwards; and the third, with the tip of the feet inwards.
  • Walking with heels: conversely to the previous exercise, you should walk with your heels elevating the tip of your feet as far as possible. You can make the same variants as we explained.
  • Short heels: making short heels with your feet together moving forward is also a good way to strengthen your ankles and work your leg muscles.
  • Normal skipping: run by raising your knees as far as you can and without moving.
  • Skipping forward: it is the same exercise as the previous one, but in this case advancing forward.
  • Side run: run sideways and perform point jumps touching your ankles at the highest point.
  • Running on tiptoe: run on tiptoe almost without bending your knees and without going too far.
  • Jump rope: it is a high impact exercise that will serve to greatly strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms. To do it correctly, we advise you to consult the article How to jump rope.
How to Strengthen Your Ankles - Step 3


Walk or run on the beach sand is an excellent way to strengthen ankles and exercise in a healthy way. This is because greater effort is required to move forward and therefore the legs work with greater intensity. In addition, if you do it barefoot, your toes should cling to the sand to gain momentum and the entire lower set will be much better exercised. If you have the beach nearby, do not hesitate to take advantage and go from time to time to conduct your physical training sessions there.

How to Strengthen Your Ankles - Step 4


If you habitually go for a run or practice running, it is essential to take into account recommendations such as the following to avoid overloading your ankles that could cause you to be injured:

  • Use compression bandages to protect your ankles from the impacts they will receive during the run.
  • Try to make sure that the step you take when running is not too long and step on the floor with the front of the foot and not with the heel.
  • Choose good running shoes that hold your foot well and that contain good cushioning.
  • Do not forget to do stretches like the ones shown in the second step before starting the run and at the end of the exercise session.
How to Strengthen Your Ankles - Step 5

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