How to practice Tai Chi alone

THE chinese martial art which focuses on spiritual balance offers benefits not only for the health of the mind but also for the body, when working on flexibility and strength. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or prefer to exercise in the comfort of your home see how to practice Tai Chi alone with the tips that separated for you on the subject.

Steps to follow:


The ancient non-competitive martial art of Chinese origin called Tai Chi Chuan is also called Taijiquan, which means “Ultimate Supreme Pulse”. Their movements are smooth and slow, differentiating themselves from other martial arts in which gestures are agile and often serve as an attack. Because it is a physical activity that works on mental concentration, it is very suitable for those who prefer quiet exercises, such as yoga or pilates. By learning some basic movements it is possible to practice Tai Chi alone.

How to practice Tai Chi alone - Step 1


As with any physical activity, including those that require great concentration, the first step is to warm up with breathing exercises. To do this, an appropriate movement is to position the feet far from each other, aligned with the shoulders. One hand should be approximately five centimeters below the navel and should lightly squeeze the lower abdomen. Then, you need to inhale and exhale gently through your nose, keeping your mouth closed, and feel your hand move.


The breathing exercise should be repeated until the body is chilled out. To help a tip is to focus on all parts of your body, one at a time, in order to realize that they are no longer tensioned. The next step is to take root, that is, keep your feet firmly on the ground, with balance and focus, but without making your legs stiff. exist different styles Tai Chi, with the style of the small structure having movements that expand little, since the focus is on internal energy.


The style of the large structure has low and high positions, where the arms move more, the focus being on the correct positioning and alignment of the body. The medium structure style brings together a little of the other two types. These styles have subtypes, but for beginners who are practicing alone, the best is to learn some basic movements, such as simple whip, which exists in several modalities. It consists of leaving one hand in the “beak” position (of a bird, with the four fingers touching the thumb and the palm pointing downwards) and the arms spread out like wings at shoulder height. The idea is that from the waist up the body works like the tip of a whip, ready for more sudden movements.


Another movement is that of white heron wings, in which the weight of the body must be on a single leg, even if both feet touch the ground, and the weight must go forward and then backwards, testing balance. The arms move in the opposite way, while one is fast and on different planes, the other is slow and determined. Among so many movements to practice Tai Chi, another example is the “pour”, where you have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. The weight of the body must be deposited on one leg and, after a few breaths in and out, it is necessary to transfer the weight to the other leg, slowly, as if shedding.

How to Practice Tai Chi Alone - Step 5


Tai Chi is a very rich martial art, with more than 100 movements, it is also important to read about it and choose which style best matches your lifestyle and goals. Furthermore, it is an activity of low impact and can be performed by people of all ages. Those who have health problems should talk to their doctor about practicing the art, being able to choose between their lighter styles.

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