How to improve aerobic endurance

THE aerobic resistance it implies our body’s ability to resist activities that require physical effort without getting tired for a while. This capacity can vary depending on the experience of our body and the conditions of it. The method used to strengthen resistance is to perform exercises that require cardiovascular work. In addition, the ability to increase endurance time also lies in our body’s ability to metabolize blood oxygen per minute. In OneHow we will explain to you how to improve aerobic endurance.

Steps to follow:


One of the factors that decisively influence aerobic capacity is oxygen. THE oxygen consumption it limits our resistance, so the ability of our cardiovascular system to supply enough oxygen will be critical to aerobic endurance. In this way, those people who weigh more, will need a greater amount of oxygen to keep the body active, so their capacity will be reduced. For this same reason, it will be important to know how to breathe when running.


To be able to improve this aerobic capacity we need strengthen oxygen capacity that we can offer the body and maintain a certain intensity during training. This will depend on each individual, as some might need a lower activity at first, while others may start training at a higher intensity. We must always take into account the need to warm up before running.

How to improve aerobic endurance - Step 2


THE slow and long distance training it is what is performed most frequently in resistance routines, besides being the most effective for those people who start their training for the first time. It is about traveling long distances without running, that is, maintaining a constant pace.


Another training to improve aerobic endurance is the long stride. This type of training consists of going at a higher pace than running. Run at a steady pace for the first 20 minutes and then heat for 10 minutes. Later, we increased the speed. In the last 10 minutes, the speed is decreased.

It is about achieving the following objectives:

  • Increase cardiac volume by increasing the duration of training.
  • Improve the circulatory system, strengthening the contribution of oxygen to the body.
  • Improve lung capacity.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the lower body and the muscle fibers connected to aerobic effort.
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THE short stride it consists of making short but intense efforts repeatedly, with short rests between each repetition. This allows improve power and strength.

We can also make rhythm changes, between 20-25 minutes approximately. These changes are carried out in a 25-minute training session and you will rest depending on the route you have taken.

How to improve aerobic endurance - Step 5


If you go start with training, sets of 2 and 3 are recommended every 3-4 repetitions. You should reduce the rests from 7 to 5 and 3 minutes. For those people who usually do sports it is recommended to perform 4 or 6 sets of 3-4 repetitions. Rest should be reduced between repetitions, but should be the same as for a person who starts between sets.


In any case, it is essential to follow good nutrition to cover all the needs that aerobic exercise requires.

Furthermore, after performing any exercise it is important to let our body recover, so two aerobic resistance sessions should not be done on consecutive days.

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