How to get back to training after an injury

After a lesion, we must be very careful when resuming the training. The anxiety of being able to recover as soon as possible before the injury leads us to fall into mistakes that can prevent us from training again permanently. But to get back to the same level you had before the injury, it is important to do specific muscle strengthening and stretching. Remember that it is important to strictly follow all the doctor’s recommendations to recover as quickly as possible and to be able to train again. To learn more, continue reading this OneHow article where we explain how to get back to training after an injury.

Steps to follow:


It is important that, after you have suffered and recovered from an injury, you do not return to training on your own. That is, the restart must always be carried out accompanied by a physiotherapy team. In addition, your return to training should be done gradually, so as not to cause a new injury. Remember that rushing back to training can bring risks to the athlete, such as new damage to the region or a recurrence of pain. For this reason, and in order not to happen, you must remain calm and follow the experts’ recommendations.

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Often, injuries are caused when training is not being performed properly or we don’t adopt the correct postures when performing the exercises. Therefore, this issue must be valued before starting to train again. If what caused the injury was the fact that you are not performing a certain exercise correctly, then it is important that you correct it once you return to training.

If you practice, for example, weight lifting in the gym, you must know the correct posture to do so as not to harm any of your muscles or tendons. In our article we explain how to lift weights correctly.


The stretches they are a routine that we must follow whenever we train, but it is something that we should pay special attention to in case we start exercising after having been stopped for a while due to an injury. In addition, stretching is essential especially in cases of recovery from injury.


THE adaptation period that we will need after we return to train it will depend on the time we are stopped. Thus, if we have not been injured for more than a week, one day will suffice, while if we have not been doing sports for more than a month, we will need at least one week of adaptation.

The adaptation will consist of carrying out the training in a much less intense pace, without forcing the body at all. We must check, especially, how the part of our body that was injured at the beginning of the activity responds.


THE muscle strengthening it is also essential after recovery, as this will help the athlete to develop sports activity again in a safer way, with less risk of injury. This is the best way to prevent this type of problem.

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Regardless of whether we are injured by a bone or muscle problem, it is recommended to do a massage in the affected region after each new training session. With that, we are helping to relax the region and we are helping to minimize the risk of recurrent injury, something that could get us incapacitated to do sports.

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