How to do squats for glutes

There are many parts of the body that we can strengthen and improve in the gym. We usually think of biceps, triceps, chest or abs, but we forget about the muscles in the lower body. Among them, we highlight the glutes, the butt muscles, which we can work on by doing squats. Want to know how? Continue reading because in oneHow we explain to you how to do squats for glutes.

Steps to follow:


Before starting, remember that any type of squat will help you strengthen the glutes in addition to the legs, but not all will have the same incidence in the butt muscles. The press and other dumbbell exercises, such as dead weight, will also help to work the glutes.

As for the routines, you can do the following exercises three to five days a week depending on your physical shape, but remember to vary exercises and respect the rest days, especially if you train three days a week.


We started with ATG squat, acronyms for ass-to-ground (“butt to the ground” in English), a name that says everything about exercise. Place the dumbbell over your shoulders and lower everything you can, almost until the buttocks touch the floor. The further you go down, the more your glutes will be working. But be careful, because the knees also suffer more.

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THE Bulgarian squat or one leg is a mix of squats and strides, but it’s one of the best exercises for exercise the glutes. Support one leg on a fixed surface at the knee and, with the torso straight, descend until forming a 90º angle with the front leg. Then push the front leg until you return to the starting position. Do the same repetitions with each leg and you can add weight.

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Like sumo squat or open, in addition to the glutes, we get jobs the muscles of the inner leg. We put our legs apart beyond the width of our shoulders, as sumo wrestlers do, and the toes looking out. You just have to go down until your knees and butt are parallel. Tighten your abdomen and keep your torso straight.

When carrying the weight, we have two options: throw the barbell on your shoulders, as in conventional squats, or use a dumbbell. In this case, we can have the weight in front of the body.

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But if there is a squat version to really exercise the glutes, if we do it right, it’s the squat overhead. Once again, the name gives a hint of what exercise is like: the weight (a barbell, a dumbbell, a medicine ball …) must be above the head.

With your legs shoulder-width apart, lift the weight over your head with your arms straight. Lower with your chest forward, your back straight and your buttocks out. With this exercise, in addition to the glutes, works the hamstrings, quadriceps and shoulders.

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