How to do pushups correctly

THE Arm flexion it is a great exercise for both men and women. Much practiced by those who wish to strengthen their muscles and conquer a healthier and more toned body, the flexion of arms is already fixed right in the gyms.

Most people think that the movement of Arm flexion it only activates the musculature of the chest and arms, however, this powerful exercise activates the shoulders, abdomen, dorsal and gluteal muscles. That’s because just to stay in the initial flexion position (a kind of plank with the body) several muscles need to contract!

In fact, the abdomen is an important part when doing the push-ups! Most of the time, people who are unable to do this exercise do not have excessive weakness in their arms, but need to strengthen their abdomen in order to support their body during activity.

Steps to follow:


Variations in push-ups

In addition to the common flexion, there are several other ways to do the arm flexion, which vary according to the objectives and the muscular resistance of those who intend to do the exercise.

For those just starting out, putting your knees on the floor, for example, makes the situation a little easier. When making these push-ups lighter, remember to place a mat, rug or towel under your knees, as they will be in direct contact with the floor.

If you already think of yourself as the “all-powerful” of push-ups, one more challenge is to try to practice the exercise using only one hand (in this case, spread your legs a little more than normal). You can also add some accessories to make exercise even more difficult (such as using a mobile base to support your hands).

How to do push-ups correctly - Step 1


Step by step

Want to learn how to do traditional flexion? Check out the step by step below:

Warm your shoulders! That’s right. Roll your shoulders back and forth a little and stretch. Flexion is an exercise that requires a lot of this musculature in particular, so it is important that it is prepared to withstand the impact of this activity.


Lie on your belly (face down). But it’s not for sleeping, huh? It’s time to train and this is just the first step.


Place your hands straight on the floor at shoulder level, slightly wider than shoulder width and raise your hips until your body forms a kind of plank.

How to do push-ups correctly - Step 4


Bend your elbows outward until the chest reaches two fingers from the floor (the two-finger indication is a suggestion, but if you’re starting now, your chest may be a little further from the floor).


Return to the starting position with the arm extension, keeping your upper body firm, without dropping your hips (as in position 3).

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