How to do isometric sit-ups

Want to learn how to do isometric sit-ups? Then read on because with these exercises you will reduce fat and work the transversus abdominis, which is the deepest and most complex muscle to exercise. Isometric contractions, or without movement, are performed to maintain a static posture for a while increasing the effort. At we will explain to you how to do isometric sit-ups.

Steps to follow:


O isometric sit-up exercise par excellence is the board. You have to lie face down on a comfortable surface and then stretch your legs. Then you will have to separate yourself from the ground, supporting your elbows and with your toes stand up a little. The entire body must be aligned and special attention must be paid to the hips so that it is straight. You should be looking at the ground so as not to damage the cervical area.

Once the correct posture is achieved, you should take it like this, try to relax your shoulders and arms. For beginners, it is recommended to maintain this position for about 20 seconds, as you get stronger, you can increase the duration.

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How to do isometric sit-ups - Step 1


Another isometric abdominal variant and that admits much more intensity is eliminating points of support. If in the previous exercise we had our elbows on the ground, to increase the difficulty of the exercise we will support with only one arm.

Stand on your side, support a well-stretched arm on the ground, and then raise your entire body creating a diagonal, then lift your free arm and stretch it. You should look at the arm that is raised, and try to hold the position for at least 20 seconds, remember that the muscles must be strong, and the posture is firm. Then, you will have to change sides and raise the opposite arm.

How to do isometric sit-ups - Step 2



We will make another variant of the board that includes a certain variation for increase the intensity of isometrics. It looks a little like the board exercise, but the steps are a little different.

You should take the fitness ball, place the accessory at the level of your pelvis, support your body, and walk forward with your arms. When the ball is under your legs, make sure that the position adopted is completely straight and horizontal.

You should maintain this position as if you were doing push-ups for 1 minute. With this type of exercise, by adding a volume object on which to lean, and because it is somewhat unstable, you will be increasing the intensity of the exercise and enhancing its effects on your muscles. If you want to go further, flex your elbows and lower your chest with 15 repetitions.

How to do isometric sit-ups - Step 3



They are exercises of high effort and impact and during them the musculature is working. As it is a very intense exercise, a greater amount of fat is burned and you will get the flat stomach you want so much. In addition, with the isometric abs, the legs, buttocks, lower back, arms and shoulders are also worked.

They are very simple exercises to do and very complete, but they are not usually indicated for people with hypertension, since when maintaining the position, blood pressure builds up in the muscles.

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