How to do barbell squats

The best exercise for the leg and gluteal muscles is the squat with squats, as this allows the simultaneous training of the front, rear, hip, stabilizer and gluteal muscles. If the exercises are performed correctly and with high weights in addition to increasing the strength and muscle mass of the leg it also stimulates the increase in the secretion of growth hormones due to the work of the nervous system. If you have doubts go up how to do barbell squats see our OneHowTo article where we give you some advice.

Steps to follow:


Start weightless

For the results of this exercise to be satisfactory and have no injuries, it is necessary to do the squat correctly. Use the weights after you are able to squat smoothly using your body weight, so it is necessary to train a lot of squat without weight.

Use the bar progressively, that is, start with a light weight (only the bar is a good option) and increase the weight gradually in proportion to your evolution of the technique.

How to do barbell squats - Step 1


Foot position

Firstly, you will position your feet shoulder-width apart and turn your fingertips outward with the 30 degree opening, this will help to stabilize your posture.

How to do barbell squats - Step 2


Take the bar

The bar should rest below the shoulders, fitting the shoulder blades. It should not be supported on the cervical or neck as there may be a compression of the vertebra causing problems in the future. The wrists must be under the bar resting on the palms of the hand. The wrists cannot in any way be supporting the weight of the bar.

How to do barbell squats - Step 3


The squat

  • Lower and bend your hips at a 90-degree angle so that your butt is out and the hamstrings are parallel to the floor. The movement is similar to sitting in a chair.
  • It is very important that the spine and back are straight so that it does not put too much pressure and cause tension in the muscle or even a herniated disc. The chest should be projected forward and you should focus your gaze on a point in front of you. Putting pressure on your belly muscles makes squats easier.
  • The lower you can go in the right position the better. It is better for you to descend closer to the floor than to put too much weight on the bar.
  • Make your hips rise with the strength of your thighs, not your feet, and with your back straight to return to the starting position.
How to do barbell squats - Step 4


Inhale and exhale

  • The air in the lungs aids in movement by creating natural pressure within the rib cage. When doing the squat, especially with heavy weights, take a deep breath and exhale when you get up.
  • Maintaining this breathing rhythm helps you to concentrate and maintain energy to continue. Stop between repetitions to catch your breath if necessary.
How to do barbell squats - Step 5


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