Exercises to slim your thighs

If you want to slim down your thighs, we recommend that you continue reading this article. Achieving toned and firm legs is a desire for many people, but for many it means a real challenge because the area is prone to the accumulation of fat, and as a consequence, the formation of cellulite. With a good exercise routine and a balanced diet you can achieve lean and toned thighs. At OneHowTo.com we will explain to you which are the best exercises to slim your thighs.

Steps to follow:


One thing to keep in mind is that the specific movements to work in that area will be of no use if you do not perform any aerobic activity on a regular basis. There are no miracles to eliminate fat deposits, since the body does not eliminate fats selectively.

For slim your thighs it is recommended that you practice some sport that moves the whole body to burn the greatest number of calories, thus it can accelerate the metabolism and, therefore, the burning of fat. The best exercises to work your legs are swimming, tennis, cycling and skating. At least you should practice some activity of this type 40 minutes three times a week.

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The next important step to tone and slim your thighs is to perform specific exercises to work the legs. You will have to work both the outer part, where cellulite usually appears, and the inner part, where the tendency to sagging is a serious problem.

One of the most effective exercises for reducing thighs is the squats. You should start with a standing position with your legs together and then bend your knees trying to keep your torso well up. Little by little, go down until you touch the buttocks on your calves.

It is an exercise that at first is difficult, but the results are unbelievable. Do at least 3 sets with 20 repetitions, and progressively increase the effort. You can also repeat this same exercise with your legs slightly apart so that the inside of your thighs are worked.

Exercises to slim your thighs - Step 2


Another exercise that can help you achieve lean and fit thighs is staying in shape. quadruped position. You should keep your arms straight and your palms very stable. Then raise one leg and bend at the knee, you will have to raise the leg at the buttocks, hold for about 10 seconds and then lower. Support one leg, and then move up the other.

It is recommended to do about 15 repetitions for 10 or 15 seconds. Over time, increase the intensity of the exercise by increasing the number of repetitions and the duration of each one.

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Exercises to slim your thighs - Step 3


A very effective exercise for work the legs and in particular the thighs, are the scissors. You have to lie on your side with your body very straight, flex your arm and rest your head on it. Then slightly flex the lower leg and stretch the upper leg with your foot towards the ceiling.

You should raise your leg as much as you can, you should notice your stretching well, but without getting injured. Try to repeat the exercise about 15 times and hold for about 15 seconds with each repetition.

Exercises to slim your thighs - Step 4

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Another variant of the scissors is to place the torso on the floor face up. Place a roll under your upper thighs, and stretch your legs. Then bring your legs together, and then with slow movements, start to separate them. It is like doing an angel in the snow, try to do about 15 repetitions, 10 seconds long.

When you are finished, breathe and lower the roller to the middle of your thighs and perform 15 more repetitions. Rest for a few seconds and lower the roller at the knee again to repeat 15 times.

Exercises to slim your thighs - Step 5

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