Exercises to do on the treadmill

Most people use the running machine to run or walk, unaware that there are several dynamic exercises that can be done on the treadmill. Yes, the obvious use of the device is jogging and walking, but the hassle of counting the minutes to finish the exercise has given rise to other more fun activities that create a dynamic workout. If you’re tired of putting one foot in front of the other and looking straight ahead when you get on the mat, keep reading this oneHowTo article and find out 6 exercises to do on the treadmill.

Steps to follow:


Dynamic board

The dynamic board is one of the exercises to do on the treadmill. This version of the traditional board includes movement, which can be simpler or more difficult, according to its resistance level.

To do this exercise, turn on the treadmill at low speed. Support your feet on the floor and your hands on the base of the mat. Keeping your body firm, contract your abdomen during the exercise and move your hands forward, one at a time, following the movement of the mat.

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Scissor heels

This exercise is dynamic and simple. To make scissor jumps, turn on the treadmill at low speed and place your feet on the sides of the mat. With an impulse, place your legs on the mat, one in front of the other and jump to return to the starting position. Alternate your legs like scissors, advancing one with each jump.


Side Squat

To do side squats and work the glutes, turn on the treadmill at a speed of between 1 and 2 km / h. Place yourself in a position to find it (90º angle), with both feet resting on the mat and the body facing the side of the device. Always in a squat position, step with one leg away from the movement of the mat and then repeat with the other leg. Switch sides.

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Side step

This exercise is ideal for working your thighs and toning your calves. To do the lateral step, place yourself in the same position as the previous exercise (laterally on the treadmill) and switch on the device at a speed between 3 and 5.5 km / h. Instead of flexing your body in a squat posture, keep straight by flexing your knees only slightly. Switch sides.

Tip: Initially, you can only take steps to the side and jump when you decide to increase the intensity of the exercise.


Dynamic sink

Sinks cannot, due to lack of space, be made in any location. However, the treadmill is perfect for this exercise. Turn on the treadmill at low speed and walk normally, flexing the knee of the front leg and stretching the back leg. Go alternating legs.

Tip: If you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise, repeat the movements holding dumbbells.

Exercises to do on the treadmill - Step 5


Back walk

Back walking is a simple exercise that works muscles that we neglect on a daily basis. Holding the support bars of the treadmill, try to turn your back on the controls of the device and walk backwards.

Tip: This exercise can cause imbalance, so make sure you always keep your hands on the bars until you master the training. For enhanced intensity, follow dumbbells at shoulder height during movement.



When you finish the exercises, walk normally on the treadmill until your breathing is regular and you recover from the effort without stopping immediately. This must be done for at least 3 minutes.

note: Stretching is essential at the beginning and end of training, so do not discard it.

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