Hip Exercises

Fine tune your hips with an exercise routine that will help you reduce fat and obtain a more beautiful silhouette. Many people tend to have fat accumulated in this part

How to strengthen your ankles – 5 steps

If you practice sports or exercise regularly, you should know that the ankles they are one of the joints that suffers the most impacts and tends to get injured more

The best vitamins for sportsmen

If you like to play sports, one of the most important recommendations is to take mineral and vitamin supplements. It is necessary to clarify that the vitamins they are necessary

How to have negative tummy – 6 steps

THE negative belly it is the dream of many people, especially women. The fashion consists in defining the abdomen until it reaches a hollow between the bones of the lower

How to firm the butt at home

a perfect butt it is the goal of many Brazilian women. After all, we are known for the best glutes in the world, right? In order to achieve the butt

Exercises to do on the treadmill

Most people use the running machine to run or walk, unaware that there are several dynamic exercises that can be done on the treadmill. Yes, the obvious use of the

How to start lifting weight

THE weightlifting it is an activity that works the body musculature through exercises that imply lifting loads in dumbbells or long bars. When this activity starts, it is necessary to

The best exercises to strengthen your arms

Have the toned arms it is the goal of many people who exercise frequently. However, to achieve this you need constancy, a good diet and, of course, perform the appropriate